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Note, as well as getting smoother, the log-likelihood curve is shifting vertically the y axes are different in these plots and the difference in terms of probabilities would be huge.

Biophysical Journal, 2 A. In this position, he worked to develop film as an educational medium. This article is featured in an editorial in the same issue: What about with more membrane or less conductivity: We commonly work with a few seconds of 10kHz time Gary mirams thesis recordings, so we can end up with arounddata points.

Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods This paper had a bit of attention in the press - see press releaseDaily Mirror articleITV news article.

British Journal of Pharmacology, 3 PLoS Computational Biology, 9 3e Novel electrophysiological insights and therapeutic potential. Cell Proliferation, 42 5 We can fix all parameters and vary one at a time, plotting out the likelihood as above. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Well it can be because electrical waves somehow get through the scar regions see 1 for further references to this.

Often machine learning people do work with three datasets like this — see Chapter 7 of Hastie et al. Physical Biology, 6 3 This paper also contributed the cover image for this issue of the Journal of Physiology. For this reason, he campaigned for more local New Zealand documentary and feature film production.

In Speaking Candidly, Mirams was forthcoming about his views on censorship. Proceedings of a Workshop. Journal of Biomechanics, 39 S1S So we did a simulation with a mouse ventricular myocyte model, on a realistic sized bit of tissue 5mm x 5mm, with a 2mm diameter lesion in the middle.

Gary Mirams : Publications

A way to get rid of this problem would be to remove a lot of data points. Frontiers in Physiology, 5, doi: It is quite possible, and easy, to write down a model that has too many free parameters to constrain with any of your available data.

Gordon Mirams

I am investigating which protocols suffice to fit which parameters in the ion-channel models, and where simplifications can be made. These included the GA certificate that approved a film for general exhibition but recommended it as more suitable for adults, and the GY certificate that approved a film for general exhibition but recommended it as more suitable for persons 13 years of age and over.

The web lab itself and associated links and documentation can be found at https: Well, things like Information Criteria will try and let you guess from just the training data fit and model complexity.Gary Mirams added, Mark Peifer @ peiferlabunc Excited that our lab's latest contribution to understanding regulation of Wnt signaling, a key developmental and oncogenic signaling pathway, is now out @ PLOSGenetics.

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Florian Klimm, Javier Borge-Holthoefer, Niels Wessel, Jürgen Kurths, and Gorka Zamora-López.

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"Individual node's contribution to the mesoscale of complex networks." "Individual node's contribution to the mesoscale of complex networks.". Gary R.

Gary Mirams : Publications

Mirams, MMath Thesis submitted to The University of Nottingham for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy May, Abstract The Wnt signalling pathway is involved in stem cell maintenance, differentiation and tissue develop-ment, and in so doing plays a key role in controlling the homeostasis of colorectal crypts.

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Myokit is a toolkit for computational cellular electrophysiology. It aims to reduce the time spent programming and implementing low-level solvers, while maintaining the performance and flexibility of powerful custom-made software.

Gary mirams thesis
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