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So how do you go from that? He was so paranoid after surviving the killing fields.

Unpolished Gem

And then I eventually became a lawyer and I I also went to one of the primary schools she went to, one of the long string of schools I went to in my own childhood journey across Melbourne.

It had to achieve a balance, they both had to be in third person. Do you know what I mean? If you need some fire reignited in your feminist belly, this is as good a book to read as any other. Like most students I wrote vampire stories, because Anne Rice books were in, I wrote stories set in New York because that's where most of the interesting things happen in Judy Blume books.

It's where the factories were first built. So, who else and what else did you… Alice: I know they Alice pung unpolished gem again physically, but did they psychologically mentally start again?

They talk about the second book syndrome. They say about half of the population is under 18, because they killed so many of the adults. Your next memoir was Her Father's Daughter, and you're obviously a much more mature writer by then. Then you get to university and you're a real cultural experience.

He said he was a new editor, and I was a new writer. Greek and Italian Australians once were called Wogs as an insult — now this is a word you mostly only hear used by Greeks and Italians to describe themselves.

Alice Pung

Then I was at the local library last week and saw the audio book. Yeah, let's hope it does. But he'd actually… when he was starving he ate his belt that he wore around his waist.

She followed it with another memoir, Her Father's Daughter. And while you were at school, were you being My mother is illiterate, so my father has a year ten education. This was the funniest part of the book: I didn't know how these things worked at the age of 19 or At one stage half of the population in the early s was under That word truth is so interesting to me in my writing, because there's such a difference between truth and fact.

And what is so fascinating is that we make a distinction between young adult literature and capital L literature, because there's griminess and violence and death in Shakespeare, there's quite horrible things that you're asking 14 to 17 year olds to grapple with, with great maturity and great insight.

The Harvester case, yeah. He read them in good faith. Because I read back over my old writing as a teenager. It's just a whole series of short stories that I enjoyed doing.

Was it your first memoir?Alice Pung is a writer, editor, teacher and lawyer. She has won numerous awards for her two memoirs, and her writing has appeared in The Monthly, The Age, Meanjin, Best Australian Stories and Best Australian Essays. In she is the Artist in Residence at.

Alice Pung (born ) is an Australian writer, editor and lawyer. Her books include the memoirs Unpolished Gem (), Her Father's Daughter () and the novel Laurinda (). Pung is a practising solicitor.

She has also worked as an art instructor, independent school teacher at primary and secondary schools and is Artist in Residence at Janet Clarke Hall at the University of Melbourne. Alice Pung’s first book, Unpolished Gem, is an Australian bestseller which won the Australian Book Industry Newcomer of the Year Award and was shortlisted in the Victorian and NSW Premiers’ Literary awards.

20 quotes from Alice Pung: 'I never tell them about our lives. You know why?

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It is not because I am ashamed. It is because some things are just good, too good to be judged.', 'Love was a verb with a certain amount of energy attached to it - a daily quota - and you had to choose on whom you wanted to spend this energy. Unpolished Gem 1, Unpolished Gem Interview Questions - National Curriculum Unpolished Gem interview with the author - Questions and Answers Unpolished Gem Questions for Alice Pun.

Unpolished Gem is a moving, vivid journey about identity and the ultimate search for acceptance and healing, delivered by a writer possessed of rare empathy.

Alice pung unpolished gem
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